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the college came back program. he volunteered when it left marshall as a fifth grader he's currently a senior and continues to support marshall as a college bound ambassador. congratulations (clapping) okay. next i would call up an eight grader she demonstrates a willingness to help this is very rare to see she's a social leader. congratulations (clapping) next up i'd like to a call up the next person a 12th grader.
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he entered last summer at the media recently that was honored by president obama as a youth jobs and champion canal. he helped the media relevance team for his own generation as well as creating mark ups. he's interested in taking his technical experience into the field of health by becoming an eye doctor. congratulations (clapping) i must the next person.
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he's an eight grader middle school. he's not only a high chief student but gives back to the community p.i. by divorcing and provides tutoring including many language students and is a positive spirit as she continuously presents idea to make it a better place for everyone. thank you (clapping) >> and our last but not least is a young lady. (clapping) is a tenth grader of the boys and girls club i used to work there back in 1995 and
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she wasn't there. in her 8 years of attending the clubhouse she's completed over 6 hundred and 32 hours of community service (clapping) working on projects if a that immigrant workers she's traveled to go africa thank you so much for your contributions (clapping) >> yeah. >> so once again, we want to thank all our letters throughout their lives and people hope they continue to be the leader for california and the rest of the
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nation. >> (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> so we would like to thank supervisor avalos and all the participants. please feel free to take a seat. we're going to go ahead and conclude the reception is following but wild to emphasize we appreciate here in the city and county of san francisco all the latinos that are out there working day in and out. i want to honor the folks who have clean up the places that
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workday in and out to sustain the city silently at times but we have roots here in this state. we fray many, many generations and keep building strong community and encourage our young people to get their potential and to definitely definitely pass the word we must not ends our lives with violence with education and prospering in our economies in this state >> check her out yeah. >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) and talking about a woman who helped save brave have a stacey.
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and talking about latinos there was a >> (speaking spanish.) >> all my people there was a study it came out that showed to latinos not only live in the excelsior we live in the south of market and pacific heats and every district in san francisco and thank you, dr. local. but we've got a lot of work to do. we talked about those accomplishments the latinos are making with you right now supervisor campos says we're 200 in which i say. people are getting evicted come and march with us so we can protect the culture that's
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exemplified here for years not only in the mission but the african culture and chinese town culture and all the cultures in san francisco which are at risk right now. we have a crisis and we've got to stand up. i want to end by saying next thursday at the everett middle school we're going to be presenting a violence control program to end violence and also to share with you that on 24th street we have a cultural prevention committee that is preserving 84th >> (speaking spanish.) >>
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(clapping). >> your performance will be in the replaces (calling names) we would like to thank everyone for joining us once again and we would like to end with. >> (speaking spanish.) >>
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condition. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our honored chef this this afternoon actually this morning please welcome chief sir, from sfpd. chief john an otherwise under san francisco fire department and the man in charge himself mr. mayor our own mayor, mr. lee >> (clapping) >> now the rest of you can get doing our work as we make introductions. first of all, thing to the 2kri6b8 microscopic nor out and beyond and please welcome to
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help us opening the morning with prayer and remarks. the description ofal programs for methodist coordinator roger brooks. >> thank you and again everyone for being here. to many people are meeting friends or hoping fliebt aren't scald or preparing meals for their thanksgiving families. you've here standing side by side preparing meals for people you may never moot. the salvation army is about others. i want to pause just for a moment of prayer. just obligate going to pray for
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a moment. yesterday iftsd with 3 add and 75 others san franciscans and prayer breakfast and it was a great way for people who believe many things come together. let's take a moment to thank god for this opportunity. god we do thank you for giving us life and this opportunity to serve other. we thank you for so many people who come alongside the salvation army. those are for those who are lonely admiring it holiday season give them consist and peas. for those who have more gives graduate. amen. now i'd like to introduce marshall and david who is the executive director the harbor light center >> welcome everyone.
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i just want to give you a few facts will the salvation army we're a state left-handed comprehensive drug and a alcoholic facilities that includes the detox center we or are a license childcare center and for care for families and children that were on any given day this fall out provides services for 2 or one-hundred and 28 intentional e single adults arrest 33 percent of our population happens to be veterans. the salvation arm harbor light center provides thanksgiving meals in our community who would otherwise go without a meal. we partner with friends and public oflgz, community divorce and supporters in carving the
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take our in preparation for 4 thousand home delivered meals happening tomorrow thanksgiving day. we unit under the borne of the salvation army to meet the need of others on thanksgiving day. for this we thank each and every one of you today for those ore supporters in helping us to serve other may god bliss you. now back to our mc >> i'm going to make this quick introductions please hold our applause. first of all, your commission of and staff. we have already met major r0sh9 brooks and many lane i didn't
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divisional director of human relates. your plateaus is order. and san francisco divorce and intern coordinator jamming i didn't smith. we've alluded to the salvation army abandon but let's do that one more testimony. music from the band. okay. i'm going to list those and you can applaud at the end of the turkey carefully producers and the director jay. the informed serve manager and the assistant food manager and harbor light residents and staff and antonio parking kins our
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chef. more applause yes. there you go that's better. and the advisory board and harbor light board advisory chairman jim and choip town and chairman the salvation board and the harbor light member pete. okay. you, applaud four users there you go. and last but certainly not at least. steve. where's steve come here. (clapping.) >> steve (laughter) hose our official turkey. thank you, steve >> and now as they receive
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offering my goodness that's a huge turkey up here. our guest of honor including the honorable mayor mayor ed lee. and chef greg sir, from the explained and the police department and the san francisco fire department and the chief john an and her command staff. yeah. (clapping.) and san francisco fire department translucent bob. (clapping.) self-depth and the san francisco fire station two. (clapping.) >> and far out numbering us in
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this room is our future. the city college of fire, science technology class. led by bill long (clapping) they get the award for the most officials that showed up. and an official applause for those people who have transcribed from the aaa. trayvon. also aaa robert brown (clapping) michael sawyer and san francisco food bank food resource coordinator pamela. (clapping.) >> keep on working here. can you all that's good.
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now before we gets all you a greasy and messed up here and the four please chefs and our mayor. we're going to a start with our mayor for a few comments >> (clapping) >> terry thank you very much. thaegz everybody. happy thanksgiving. i want to say thank you to our police department and fire department and the men and women in uniform our armed services and academy from the come. we can actual the difference you all look in better shape >> amen. >> and thank you to the salvation army and the harbor light house hyperglycemia i'm hasten e happy to be here to be
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here i love the salvation arm it's where my wife and i were married. we have a special place in our heart it's representing representative of what we want to share our lives. we're all part of an effort to serve some 4 thousand meals to the need i didn't it is really necessary in those days to help as many people as we. we kicked off the season from here to market and the king day we'll be asking leaders and people to help the social service organizations to help and we'll continue to ask people to do that while our economy is a prosperous we need to help each other out.
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this is a wonderful city we exhibited that last month with the bad kid in our city and even on a more daily basis. i want to remind everybody about the typhoon is still with us with a filipino-american community we're asking ourselves owe everyone else to continue to be the global city and give all you can too >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> help folks that devastation will last year's. thank you, everybody and happy holidays and thaegz and keep sharing with your hearts >> thank you, mr. mayor. we appreciated our being here you're so loyal to the salvation army now i know why. some fast food facts pr 4 thousand meals are served to the
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search and seizures and soot shut in 3 hundred deliver routes and 45 hundred pound of turkey. are put together for the dinner 8 hundred pounds the green beans and 1 thousand 80 pound of miami. none of the preparations none of them disrupted the meals that everyday we've received for our participants and our homeless outreach in the neighborhoods. we still are backing cinnamon roles and muffins and cakes for our divorce on sunday. and we still value every minute that you can put in to help out.
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the thanksgiving meal will factual received into evidence turkey and stiffening and miami's green beans cranberry sauce and oreo cookies. i'm getting hunger. now, some words on our donors. aaa 90 do invited 24 pound take our plus maps not gps just regular maps. the informed bank donated 1015 pound turkeys and pete's do natsdz the coffee for our event and for our thanksgiving day divorce and lease but not at least michael photographer and
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michael coordinates the to the to opt and i'd like to make a plug for the next big event. i happen to be involved in that's the celebrate bell ringing on union miscarries between 10 and 12. i want you robby to be the as an class in our great outfit. where are you bob. now we are going to officially have a blessing. but woerg to continue to work. but just a - i'd like to introduce you to 0 major david peers and ellen.
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>> father in heavenly we thank you for your this day and help us to serve those less fortunately and gods people said amen. >> amen. >> and new ladies and gentlemen of the jury, just keep on working actually, it's all done. i don't know are we going to are a contest we're doing really, really well. yes, we work mr. turkey gobble, gobble. i'm hearing comments from the chief of police.
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>> next we'll be able to use the turkey (laughter). >> do you think she'd be a good turkey. >> watch out for me that night. you get equal time. it's going to make a great turkey stew the way hose parting that. good morning terry. annoys to see thanks for coming. oh, the mayor likes dark meat lots of breakfasts and drumsticks and thighs >> i love this but i have to say between turkey days. >> your well represent and your
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improving over the years. >> it's looking good. now i'm going to come around and ask each of you so long as my microphone works and all i need it your name. we are going to start out with the cadets >> armando martinez. nick lob >> fire academy. douglas dj. john. >> december mat.
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>> glen at 62942 working with
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together we can support your children. it's been my dream to start is a valley school since i was a little girl. i'm having a lot of fun with it (clapping) the biggest thing we really want the kids to have fun. a lot of times parents say that
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valley schools have a lot of problems but we want them to follow directions but we want them to have a wonderful time and be an affordable time so the kids will go to school here. we hold the classes to no longer 12 and there's 23 teachers. i go around and i watch each class and there's certain children i watched from babies and it's exciting to see them after today. the children learn how to follow directions and it ends up helping them in their regular
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schooling. they get self-confidents and today, we had a residual and a lot of time go on stage and i hope they get the bug and want to dance for the rest of their test, test, test, test, test test

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